Terms of Hire. This agreement forms the basis of a contract between the hirer of the venue, hereon named as ‘The Promoter’, and Rebellion, hereon named as ‘The Venue’ which outlines a number of actions and obligations both parties agree to adhere to. Upon The Promoter paying the Venue Deposit Invoice, The Promoter agrees to the following terms and conditions as set out in this ExternalPromoter Contract.


  1. DRY HIRE. The venue agreed to provide SIA Accredited Security Staff, Bar Staff, Sound Engineer, P.A, Lighting, Stock, Electricity and Facilities for a one off cost which is explained in greater detail in the ‘Hire Pack’ Document which The Promoter will have received during the booking process. Items not covered under the Dry Hire Fee can be found in the “Additional Costs” section of the Hire Fees document. This includes Box Office Staff for example, which is £10.50+VAT per hour on top of the Dry Hire Fees. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the Hire Fees Document.

  2. TECHNICAL-SPECIFICATIONS. By signing this document, The Promoter acknowledges that they have read and understood the Tech Specs/ Venue Information Document which outlines the equipment available in the Venue. If there is needed equipment not mentioned in the document, the Promoter agrees to make arrangements with the Venue at least ‘2 weeks’ prior to the show. The Promoter also agrees they will provide to the Venue no less than 2 weeks prior to the event, a full and complete set of Technical Specifications and Stage Designs for each band that is performing. Additionally the Promoter agrees to provide a full and complete running order of the event no less than 48 (Forty-Eight) Hours before the show begins, to The Venue. Failure to provide any of the above in the allotted time frame nullifies any liability from the Venue to provide exactly what is needed on the night and voids any request for a refund or reduced hire rate in the instance the Promoter is not satisfied with the P.A or Lighting, and/or the Sound Engineer is unable to properly undertake their role.

  3. CATERING/RIDERS. Where it has been agreed that the Venue will provide catering/rider, the Promoter acknowledges that they will be charged back for this at the cost of the catering plus a delivery and service charge of £20 (Twenty British Pounds Sterling) which covers the cost of sourcing the Rider and bringing it to the Venue. The Promoter acknowledges that it is not always possible to get exactly what is wanted, and in the case specific items have been missed or substituted for suitable alternatives, the Promoter will not receive any form of compensation, however the Venue agrees to make the utmost effort.

  4. BOX OFFICE. It is the responsibility of the Promoter to provide a sober person(s) to staff the Box Office with their own Float, Stamp or Wristbands (if required) and Computer & Printer (for printing set times and running orders). Unless agreed otherwise with the Venue at least 2 (Two) weeks prior to the event taking place.

  5. LOCAL CREW/LOADERS. It is the responsibility of the Promoter to provide a sober and able bodied person(s) to assist band(s) to loan in and out if they require. It is the responsibility of the Venue to provide a sober Sound Engineer to assist with clearing the stage but they should not be expected to unnecessarily lift heavy loads nor stay 30 mins after the stage curfew. If loaders are required by the Bands, the Promoter should inform the Venue no later than 2 (Two) weeks prior to the event.

  6. BEHAVIOUR. It is the responsibility of the Promoter to ensure that Artists treat the Venue and its staff with respect and good-will at all times. The Venue retains the right to terminate the show at any time if the staff experience any racist, homophobic, mental or physical abuse at the hands of any party member associated with the Promoter or the Bands. Further this may lead to criminal or civil prosecutions and the Promoter agrees to assist willfully and wholly with the Venue and UK Police in any investigation. The Promoter also agrees to do their utmost to stop Bands from smoking, graffitiing and misbehaving in the Green-Room.

  7. ADVERTISING. The Promoter agrees to keep the Venue updated of any changes to the advertised Door Times, Set Times and Running Orders in order for the Venue to be able to advertise this information to customers and staff alike. If the door times are changed without the Promoter informing the Venue and the Venue suffers financially as a result of this, the Promoter agrees to reimburse the Venue. The promoter agrees not to place posters on any council infrastructure including but not limited to bollards, lamp posts, signs, railings and fences. The promoter agrees to take full liability and responsibility for any fines incurred from Manchester City Council if they fail to uphold this. Fines can be up to £5,000.

  8. TICKETING. The promoter agrees to send a weekly update of tickets sold for the show on each Monday. Staffing levels such as bar staff & security are worked out based on these figures. Failure to provide an honest and reliable ticket update at least 2 weeks before the event can result in hire venue charges if we then over staff as a result of no ticket sales. Charges will be made at £100 per 1 extra staff that was unneeded.

  9. DELAYS. The promoter agrees to ensure that bands arrive with enough time to finish sound checks before doors. Promoters will be charged £100 for every 15 minutes doors are pushed back due to delays with the bands/artists arrival, sound checks and anything outside the control of The Venue.

  10. PRS/PPL. Rebellion is responsible for collecting PRS and PPL for these organisations. As a promoter it is your responsibility to ensure that all bands/artists and yourself have completed the necessary paperwork when this is provided. If this is not done, Rebellion will estimate your PRS/PPL cost and add this to the invoice charge.

  11. PYROTECHNICS/NAKED FLAMES. All Pyro and associated special effects, including Cold Spark machines, need to be signed off by our insurers. This can take several weeks so if The Promoter requires Pyrotechnic effects they must notify The Venue at least Fifty-Six (56) working days before the event.

  12. LOW ATTENDANCE AND EARLY FINISHES. The Venue reserves the right to shut the venue early at events with exceptionally low attendance. If the bar spend falls below £100 per half-hour average then The Venue will close the event early.

  13. GUESTLIST. The Venue reserves access to Twenty (20) Guestlist to any show at the venue. Your capacity decisions should take this into account.

  14. UPGRADES. The term ‘Upgrade’ refers to the practice of moving a show to a bigger Venue to sell more tickets if the capacity at Rebellion is not enough. If a show Upgrades within two weeks of the original show date, The Venue will charge £650+VAT to cover Venue costs and a percentage of losses.

  15. DEPOSITS. The Venue takes a non-refundable deposit to secure a date. This deposit is non refundable unless The Venue cancels the show.

  16. CANCELLATIONS. If The Promoter cancels the show then The Venue will keep the deposit. If the show is cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice, The Venue will send an invoice for the remainder of the hire fee which was agreed upon booking.

  17. LATENESS. Rebellion’s business model relies upon customers being able to get into The Venue and purchase drinks before and during the gig. If a Band or Promoter causes the doors to need to open later than the advertised time, this is considered Lost Revenue. The Promoter will be billed £75+Vat for every Fifteen (15) minutes the doors are held beyond scheduled opening times to reimburse the Venue. Promoters should take this into account and inform their representatives so that Bands stay on schedule during sound checks. If The Venue does not receive explicit agreement from the Promoter that they are happy to cover this cost, then the Venue reserves the right to open the doors at the advertised time even if, for example, soundchecks are ongoing.